Is wildlife causing you problems at your home or place of business?


Nature is part of life but sometimes it invades our lives in ways that are damaging to  homes and businesses and perhaps, even dangerous.  At AFFORDABLE WILDLIFE EVICTION we provide professional animal control to both residential and commercial customers when nuisance animals become an issue.  There is no situation where our tried and tested wildlife removal strategies have met with less than 100% success.  We work hard to completely eliminate any animal pest problem you may have using humane trapping and relocation, so when your critters are taken from the premises, we guarantee you will never see them again!   

Animal trapping and removal is best done by  trained and licensed professionals.  Did you know that it is illegal in many states to trap a wild animal yourself without a license?  We are experts at solving the difficult problems that occur when wildlife invades your property using only ecologically responsible methods that take care of the problem without hurting any wildlife.

 No cruel traps or toxic poisons!!

A very important part of the wildlife control profession involves identification of damaged areas and their repair. If you don't fix the hole that the wildlife has made, there's nothing to keep future animals from entering your home or business via that same hole. We find those areas and rectify the problem. At AFFORDABLE WILDLIFE EVICTION, we have 18 years of remodeling experience and we can make those damaged areas look good as new!